Radiate Positive Vibes


A few things I wake up to every day that make me smile. I like to surround myself with uplifting things.

Sage smudge stick // Visions And Dreams
Buddha incense holder // World Market
Moon phase plate // Anthropologie
Rain boots candle // Target
Fortune ” we are very happy together” // Gifted from my boyfriend
Moon lamp // Gifted to me
Tarot cards // Visions And Dreams
Astrological cards // Gifted to me
Card cloth & bag // Gifted to me
Crystals : Quartz, Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye // Gifted from my Mother
Snow White // Gifted to me
Rifle Paper Co calendar // Riflepaperco.com
Pyro Pet kitty // Gifted to me
Eiffel Tower // Gift my Boyfriend brought me from Paris
Mine, my Mother’s & Great Grandmother’s rosary


New Calendar / Rifle Paper Co. / Afterlight App

This year I enter my 30’s and I’m very excited! I realized I have not traveled that much for my age and I’m grateful that the traveling I have done in the past few years is thanks to my boyfriend who is a musician and takes me with him when we can make it happen.
I wanted this calendar to help remind me that there’s so much beauty in the world that I have not seen yet and so many adventures out there.

Happy 2015 world!


Spiritual Soul


I love to share the Spirit Junkie App by the Goddess herself Gabby Bernstein.

These daily affirmations by her are set to an alarm on my phone. They give me daily inspirations that have helped me immensely over the last year.
If you’re ever feeling blue, anxious or angry and can’t get out of the slump you’re in, I highly recommend this app on your smart phone -SpiritJunkie and check out Gabby’s books too!
Snap out of it and enjoy your life, live it to the fullest!